GR 564 sectie

GR 564 takes you from Lommel to Huy over a total distance of 164 kilometers.
At first sight the trail may seem to follow a rather randomly choosen itinerary, but is it always necessary to justify a trail with a great story? Just walk and enjoy whatever is presented along the way …


Anyway, the regions visited by GR 564 seem worthwhile: the forested and sandy Kempen in Limburg, fertile Haspengouw with it’s fruit culture, Walloon ‘Hesbaye’, and the descent into the valley of the river Meuse towards Huy … there’s enough to make us curious.


GR 564 is becoming one of those forgotten GR trails. The topoguide (if you can still find it) dates from 1993 and as far as we know there are no plans for a new updated edition. All the more reasons for us to hurry along this trail and to find out for ourselves if it’s still worthwhile.