GR131-cat 1

A rather short GR trail (128 kilometers) crossing essentially the Belgian province of West-Vlaanderen.

The trail starts in Oost-Vlaanderen at the border with the Netherlands (Maldegem – Eede), where also the GR 5A trail is passing by. Soon the trail enters West-Vlaanderen somewhere between Knesselare and Beernem. It then continues along Torhout, Diksmuide and Ieper to the Molenbos and the wellknown Palingbeek domain. At the finish GR 131 meets the GR 128 trail (Trail of Flanders).

GR 131 is probably the easiest trail to hike in Belgium. The highest altitudes are limited to some molehills, a few bridges over highways and railroads, and some dikes along rivers and canals. Don’t expect to find any spectacular or adventurous paths on this trail. GR 131 is just a quiet trail crossing an essentially agricultural region. By the end of the trail you won’t escape the tragic memories World War I left in this region.

The name « Creek Area – Ypres Salient » is somewhat misleading.
Whereas it’s correct that Maldegem is situated in the Creek Area in Oost-Vlaanderen, you won’t get to see any creeks on the GR 131 trail. To visit some of them you’ll have to hike on the GR 5A or the Grenslandpad trails.
The Ypres Salient is the bulge that was formed in the western frontline around the city of Ypres during World War I. You’ll get to see lots of war testimonies along the GR 131 trail, starting at Vladslo, but you won’t explore the Ypres Salient itself.