GR125 cat 1


The 262 kilometers long GR 125 trail forms a loop crossing the Walloon provinces Hainaut and Namur. The official start and end of the trail is situated in the small town Walcourt, but since it’s a loop trail, one can start hiking at any place.

The name ‘Tour between Sambre and Meuse’ refers to the region which is called in French language ‘L’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse’, often abbreviated as ESEM.

Since 2014 more or less one third of the trail has been incorporated in the new ‘Grande Traversée de la Forêt du Pays de Chimay (GTFPC)’, another project of the Walloon SGR organisation. It concerns the section between Froidchapelle and Hastière. Interesting to note is that in the context of the GTFPC project a number of free camping zones have been created along that part of the trail. It means that the more adventurous hiker can walk at least 100 kilometers of the trail, just camping free all the time. All that’s needed is a backpack, a tent and some provisions.
Also note that the east section of the GR 125 trail between Falmignoul and Floriffoux coincides with the GR 126 trail.

We heartily recommend the GR 125 trail, not in the least because of the surprising diversity of landscapes encountered along the trail.
Between Namur and Froidchapelle the trail crosses a quiet and slightly undulating region where the altitude differences are rather limited. On the south section between Chimay and Hastière the relief deepens out in the Calestienne region and the Viroin valley, presenting some unique nature reserves. Finally, starting from Hastière the trail follows the majestic Meuse valley. The valley demands quite a few solid climbs and descends, but the hiker is rewarded with some great panoramic views over the valley.