GR 12 takes you from Amsterdam to Brussels and then to Paris. The trail links 3 European capitals.

Actually, the name GR 12 is mainly used in Belgium. In the Netherlands the trail is known as the Floris V path (LAW 1-3). It runs from Amsterdam to Bergen-op-Zoom. In France most of the time the trail coincides with other GR trails such as GR 654 and GR 1. Nevertheless, the french topographic maps also mention GR 12 alongside these other trail numbers.

GR 12 is often associated with the popular trails of the Way of St. James which guide he pilgrims from the Benelux into France on their way to Compostella. Initially their itineraries were almost completely based upon existing GR trails, such as GR 12. In the Walloon part of Belgium you’ll notice the blue-yellow scallop markers almost all the time on the GR 12 trail.

The trail is documented in a number of separate topoguides.
Up to now it’s not our ambition to hike the full length of the GR 12 trail, although we’ve fully completed the Belgian section of it.